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Your assignment # 4 relates to chapter 8  Case 8-2 Kenny’s Leadership: A Further Analysis by Mosley, Pietri, Mosley, designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the course, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.
Your case analysis will require for you to complete the readings for Chapter 8 “Leadership”, and Case 8-2 from the textbook.
* Answer Case 8-2 questions  from the textbook.
* Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing, no less than half (150 words) to a full page (300 words) per answer in written content.
with multiple academic resources and citations to support the content of the case study
Due Sunday March  29, 2020 End of Day
No late work will; be accepted Miss the deadline and lose the points
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