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Due DATE – see Syllabus/Calendar
ACCT 101 – 100 points
I. Financial Statement Analysis –
Objective: Put the Numbers in Perspective
1. Obtain the most recent annual report for two companies in the same industry. The reports should
contain at least three years of income statement data and two years of balance sheet data. One
company would be the base company where you will use to complete part 2 ‐5. The second company is
used for comparative purpose in part 6. Provide a summary of the base company’s industry and
2. Base company ‐ Analyze items on the income statement that would be important and relevant to an
investor, and discuss whether your company’s performance related to these items appeared to be
improving, deteriorating, or remaining stable. Justify your answer using financial ratios,
vertical/horizontal analysis, graphs, etc.
3. Base company ‐ Analyze items on the balance sheet that would be important and relevant to an
investor, and discuss whether your company’s performance related to these items appeared to be
improving, deteriorating, or remaining stable. Justify your answer using financial ratios,
vertical/horizontal analysis, graphs, etc.
4. Base company ‐ Analyze the company’s investing and financing activities for the most recent year as
identified in the statement of cash flows, specifically identifying the two largest investing activities and
the two largest financing activities. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the investing and
financing strategies that your company appears to be employing and whether the company’s cashflow is
5. Identify 2 (two) items not included in (or derived from) the financial statements that you think would
be important to someone considering whether to invest in your company. Discuss your reasons for
believing that these two items about the company would be important in making an investment
decision. (Hint: you might want to consider items discussed in other business classes.)
6. Compare your base company’s financial statements with those of the second company in the same
industry. If you were making a decision to invest in one of the two companies, which company would
you choose? Why? (Note: your answer in this section must include some financial issues, but your
answer need not be limited to a discussion of financial issues.)
1. You must submit the entire annual report for each company being discussed.
2. Your analysis must include page references to relevant portions of the annual reports, and the
relevant portions of the annual reports must be highlighted. Your report must also contain appropriate
quotation marks for quoted material and appropriate citations for material taken from sources outside
the financial statements.
3. Your analysis is limited to 5 (five) pages, and must be typed, double‐spaced, and have at least a 10‐
point font and no bigger than 12‐point font.
4. The assignment is due on the date specified in the syllabus – The beginning of class.
5. Some examples of ratio/analysis to perform.
a. Receivables turnover ratio.
b. Average collection period.
c. Inventory turnover ratio.
d. Average days in inventory.
e. Current ratio.
f. Acid‐test ratio.
g. Debt to equity ratio.
h. Times interest earned ratio.
i. Gross profit ratio (on the MU watches).
j. Return on assets.
k. Profit margin.
l. Asset turnover.
m. Return on equity.
Also, horizontal and vertical analyses.
Prepare a 25 minute (maximum) presentation for the class summarizing the results of your team’s
project. Each member of the team MUST participate in the presentation, and after the presentation you
will be expected to entertain questions for 5 minutes from both the class and the professor.
The presentation must be a power point presentation and must include at least 2 graphs (using excel).
You are required to turn in a copy of both companies’ annual reports with your group project. The best
way to obtain annual reports is to request them directly from the company. You may find a company’s
contact information on its website (usually in an SEC Filings or Investor
Relations/Information tab). You should request two copies, and exchange the second with the group
using your company for comparison. Annual reports are also available on the SEC website
Company Website Example: finding an annual report for Kroger:
 Type Kroger.com into the web browser address bar
 Click the link SEC Filings towards the bottom of the screen
 Click on one of the links to open a PDF document or
 Click the Contact US link for contact information
 SEC Website Example: finding a 10‐K report for Kroger:
 Click the link Search for Company Filings under Filings & Forms (EDGAR)
 Click the link for Full Text Search on the left‐hand side of the screen
 Click the link for Advanced Search on the right‐hand side of the screen
 Go to the In Form Type pull‐down menu and click on 10‐K
 Type the company name in the appropriate box
 Click on Search
Project point breakdown:
1. Written report (50 points)
2. Presentation (30 points)
II. Accounting Career (20 points)
Prepare a 5 to 7 minute power point presentation that describes the career. The presentation MUST
include the following for full credit:
 Education: degrees (type and length)
 Licensure requirement (cost of exam prep, exam coverage, years of experience, etc.)
 Starting salary, average salary (US v California)
 The local and state job market and projections.
Assigned to Groups:
1. Certified Public Accountants/CPA
2. Attorneys (with a Business/tax emphasis)
3. Financial Planners/Advisors
4. Forensic Accountants
5. Controller
6. Chief financial officer (CFO) of a fortune 500 company
The project will be graded on the quality of the research, organization, care and work shown through
the presentation, and presentation skills. This includes staying within the 5 to 7 minute timeline, having
the presentation ready by the due date and time.

Accounting homework help


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