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American history homework help

THIS IS THE LINK TO THE ASSIGNMENT (https:openstax.org/books/us-history/pages/1-1-the-americas).
Each response must be in formal essay form with introduction; developed paragraphs and conclusions. I am expecting each of you to demonstrate your understanding of the English language and to make your responses clear, concise and easy to follow. No short-cuts, abbreviations, or other obstructions from formal English!! This applies to all responses from this point forward!! Use the example I provide under Files for guidance!!
Question #1:
a. Summarize the nine most important items covered in the chapter. Be sure to explain the importance of each of the items.  Provide an Introduction and a Conclusion.
Question #2:
a.  Which information in the chapter surprised you the most?  The least?  Explain your reasoning.
Question #3:
a.  The 1850s is often compared to the 1960s.  Briefly discuss two major similarities between these two decades.
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