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Anatomy homework help

Anatomy homework help. Anatomy and Physiology I
Homework 3

  • Label the terms on the figure – the anatomy of the heart.


  • Organize the following structures of the conducting system of the heart in the right order (from start to end): Atrioventricular node, Purkinje fibers, internodal pathways, sinoatrial node, bundle branches, atrioventricular bundle.


  • Briefly explain the fetal circulatory route and placental blood supply. Include in your explanation which blood vessel brings oxygen to the fetal organs from the placenta.


  • Define myocardial infarction (MI), coronary artery disease and coronary thrombosis. Include in your answer how can you make the diagnosis of MI.


  • Fill the boxes a,b,c and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 of the pressure volume and relationships in the cardiac cycle.


  • Explain briefly (2 sentences) the following diseases/conditions:



  1. Sudden infant death syndrome.



  1. Laryngeal spasm.


  • Place in the columns of the innate and adaptive immune system each of the following elements:

B lymphocyte, physical barriers, phagocytes, immunoglobulins, T lymphocyte, natural killer, temperature, interferon, complement.

Innate Adaptive


  • Answer the following questions related to the immune system:


  1. What molecules trigger the activation of the classical, lectin and alternative pathways of complement?


  1. Which one is the largest class of antibodies?


  1. Which type of antibody induces the release of histamine?


  1. Which is the first class of antibody secreted after the first contact with an antigen?


  1. What is the location of Ig A in the body?


  1. What is anaphylaxis and what type of cells and antibodies are involved in such process?


  • Answer the following questions related to the respiratory system:


  1. What is the function of pneumocyte type I and type II?


  1. How many lobes do the left and right lung have?


  1. What is the effect of blood pH and temperature on oxygen release?


  1. Mention the 3 different ways CO2 can travel in the blood stream?


  • Label the following steps of the chemoreceptor response to changes in PCO2


Anatomy homework help


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