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Post by Lyn SaintCyr

1 day agoWeek 7
There are a lot of exchanges that take place when one culture influences another culture. Talking about this matter, I think the most important thing that takes place is cultural appreciation. I believe before taking something from a culture and imitate it you should learn the history behind it, and learn the proper way of appreciating it because believe it or not every little things and events within a culture is essential and has a history. So that’s why we should always learn the meaning and history of things from other cultures before we imitate them, especially because cultural appreciation can turn into cultural misappreciation fast. Some examples of cultural appreciation can be found on:
How does learning about the visual arts of various cultures across time and outside your own cultural sphere impact your current perspective on cultural diversity?
This doesn’t change my perspective on cultural diversity because I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures, so this is nothing new to me. I think culture is such a big part of our lives, and understanding culture comes with the ability to see things differently, the ability to see what others with different backgrounds value, and that teaches you to appreciate them too and not disrespect them. Culture reminds us of how much we have in common as human beings, and at the same time, it also reminds us of all our cultural differences. I always enjoy learning about another person’s background because knowing about someone’s culture provides for a better way to connect with them.

Post by Victoria White

4 days agoRe: Week 7 | Discussion – Cultural ExchangesArtist depict their subjects and themes of art similarity across time and culture because art is inspired by the world around us. Artists across the globe are influenced by different cultures and time periods in history. I think collectively art is improved and elevated when cultures and time frames are infused into the artwork. With most things that we as humans learn and observe in the world, having the inclusion of different cultures and time periods allow us to be more aware and take into account different lifestyles and perspectives. I find that there is so much beauty in being able to pull inspiration from different cultures and time periods and transfuse them into different aspects of life. I feel more connected with other cultures when I can see their influence actively in art, music, design, and technology. 


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