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 PART 3: VERBAL ARTWORK DESCRIPTION You will be assigned to a small group and will be responsible for listening to and reflecting on their verbal descriptions. 1. Write a detailed verbal description ofthe selected work of art. Use the following promptsto assist in writing your description: • Consider what is most important about the artwork and how you will communicatethat. • Use descriptive and precise language to capture all aspects of the artwork as you experienced it. • Discuss elements such as texture, shape, color, and line. • Address the gestures and actions of the figures in the artwork. • What is the mood of the artwork? • What narrative, idea or information is communicated by the artwork? • How are the figures, objects, colors, etc., organized in the composition to do so? PART 3 REQUIREMENTS • Write a 1- to 2-page verbal description of the selected work of art and submit to the Art Museum Visit Assignment – Part 3: Verbal Artwork Description submission page. • Include at least two APA references that enliven your verbal descriptions (music, books,etc.).


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