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Applied Sciences homework help

1. A tiny cube shaped space inside a computer chip has been measured to be 0.000000293m wide, 0.000000034m long and 0.00000255m high. What is its volume? Write your answer in scientific notation.
The volume is _____?________  m3m3
For example, if you want to enter the number 4.578×10−34.578×10-3, you would type 4.578 * 10^-3.
2.  Given that f(x)=x^2−5xf(x)=x2-5x and g(x)=x+2g(x)=x+2, find
(a) (f +g)(x)=
(b) (f-g)(x)=
(c) (fg)(x)=
(d) (f/g)(x)=
2. Use synthetic division to divide x^3+9x^2+22x+17 by x+2
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3. A small toy rocket is launched from a 12-foot pad. The height (hh, in feet) of the rocket tt seconds after taking off is given by the formula h=−3t2+0t+12h=-3t2+0t+12. How long will it take the rocket to hit the ground?
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