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Research a crime that has been reported in the media involving use of force as per chapter 6 in the e-text.  You can select police brutality, self-defense, child abuse, domestic violence.   Prepare a 1-2 page essay addressing whether the force used meets the criteria as identified in the chapter. Make sure you include the factors that are used to determine whether the force was justified.
Review the syllabus and announcements for requirements and format. Make sure you cite your source.
Each essay should have a heading which includes your name, date, and title. You should use proper titles if using last names–Mr. ; Ms.; Officer, etc.  Only referring to someone by their last name is not appropriate.  Make sure you proofread your essay for spelling and grammatical errors.
Try using the following format when writing essays to help you organize your thoughts.
Summary of the crime as reported, including relevant facts.
Explain and define the different concepts of the essay topic – for example, the factors used to determine if force was reasonable
Explain how the conduct satisfied the different elements of the crime or topic of the essay.


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