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Requirements: Answer the following questions in 300-500 words each and submit your responses to the instructor using the Writing Assignment Folder in Sakai. Your document should be in a Word document format (.doc or .docx).
Please view the video below and read the accompanying article (Caution: The video is a little disturbing.):
Utah Nurse Arrested for Refusing to Give Patient’s Blood to Police
This dramatic video showed the moment Alex Wubbels, a nurse at the University of Utah Hospital, was handcuffed and carried into a patrol car after refusing to give a patient’s blood to police.
The body camera video from a Salt Lake City police officer in an emergency room at University of Utah Hospital was rife with tension.
For almost 21 minutes, the video showed the officer, Jeff L. Payne, and a nurse, Alex Wubbels, locked in a battle of wills.
Officer Payne demanded that she draw blood from a sedated patient as part of an investigation into a car crash. Ms. Wubbels steadfastly said hospital policy did not allow it because it did not meet one of three criteria: The person was not under arrest, and the police had neither a warrant nor the patient’s consent. She said she had checked with several hospital administrators and managers who supported her position.

  • Knowing that this video was edited (shortened), what is your initial reaction to viewing it?
  • Can you sight any of the acts or rights that we have studied this week that would apply to this situation (for or against any of the actions)?
  • If faced with this situation, can you definitely say that you would have the wherewithal to tell a police officer ‘NO’ that was ordering you to do something?
  • From what we have studied so far, what ethical theory could be applied to this situation?


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