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Architecture and Design homework help

Architecture and Design homework help. Discussion Questions
1. Which Paleolithic artwork are you most interested in, and why? What does it tell you about human life in the Paleolithic period?
2. Which Neolithic artwork are you most interested in, and why? What does it tell you about human life in the Neolithic period?
3. What is significant about the ancient Mesopotamian and Minoan cultures, and where where these cultures located in our presnet-day world?
4. How does the art/architecture of ancient Egypt connect to the religious and political beliefs of their society?
5. Compare and contrast ancient Greece and Roman culture. How was their art/architecture similar, and how was it different? Think about Form vs. Content.
6. What is the debate surrounding the Elgin Marbles? What are the arguments for each side of the debate? What is your opinion?
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Architecture and Design homework help


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