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you will write a short essay in response to the materials I have posted . Please, NO QUOTES–write in your own words only! No citations. No cover page. Just some honest writing. I do not care about formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) for this assignment–as long as I can read it. 500 words. (490-510 accepted). Organize your essay as you like. I suggest one paragrpah for each artist plus a conclusion paragraph about your personal reflection (see below). Be concise. Eliminate unnecessary words.  I suggest you take notes as you review the content/videos I have posted. Your textbook can also help you better understand techniques/media (materials). Here is your prompt:
Write a 500-word short essay in which you describe, analyze and discuss the art of one artist who draws; one artist who paints; and one artist who makes prints.
These three artists must be selected from the content I have posted
Consider their styles, culture, historical period (even if contemporary), media, techniques, and specific artworks.
Use appropriate art terminology.
Address your own assumptions and thoughts or feelings about the art.
(drawing )

(painting )

Kehinde Wiley

(Printmaking )

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