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· Minimum of 450 words, but no more than 600 (roughly 1.5-2 pages)
o Points will be deducted if the essay is shorter or significantly longer than this range.
· 1 inch margins
· Double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12
· Must be uploaded to Blackboard as a .doc or .docx file.
The AssignmentFor this essay, you will reflect on your writing process for the proposal. Reflect on: (1) what you did well; (2) what you struggled with, or feel you might need to continue working on if asked to do another proposal in the future (or, perhaps, what you might have done differently to make it easier); and (3) how you met the ICaP outcomes listed below. For the proposal, we focused primarily on the following ICaP outcomes:
· Demonstrate rhetorical awareness of diverse audiences, situations, and contexts
· Critically think about writing and rhetoric through reading, analysis, and reflection
· Provide constructive feedback to others and incorporate feedback into their writing
· Perform research and evaluate sources to support claims
To illustrate your growth in meeting the outcomes noted above, explicitly mention the following rhetorical moves:
· Cite specific examples within your drafts and how they illustrate you meeting a specific outcome(s).
· Refer to the growth of your essay (anywhere from the brainstorming process to the final version) and how you were able to revise your practices, strategies, or thought processes.
o Explain how your thoughts, practices, and style have developed in this essay
§ Cite specific changes you made from draft to draft
§ Discuss how you were able to address the audience(s) and genre situation (writing in this new genre, proposal) given to you
o Explain how you were able to incorporate feedback from your peers and me, thus showcasing your collaborative skills
§ Cite specific examples
§ Discuss how you were able to implement or take advice, which led to new thinking strategies
· Explain your research process for this proposal
o Discuss how you began researching your topic. What type of sources did you use? What search engines did you use? How did you decide which sources where credible and which were not?
· How will you incorporate this knowledge in other writing situations in classes or the workforce? In other words, think about the sort of writing that you may have to do as part of your profession.
○ How might this essay and the sort of analysis you had to perform help you with any written communication that you might have to produce as part of your job?
**Because it bears repeating, remember to cite direct examples from your text.


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