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Select a Topic
Write an external, unsolicited proposal for a new product that you would like to develop or for a service that you would like to offer to individuals or organizations. Who needs this product or service? What need does it meet? How much will it cost? What qualifies you to carry out the tasks you propose?
Select a Primary Audience
Determine the purpose and audience of your proposal so that you can craft your document to meet the needs of the reader and to accomplish your goals. Are you seeking investors to fund your project? Are you seeking customers or clients? Are you hoping to persuade a distributor or retailer to carry your product? Select a specific individual or organization as your primary audience.
Conduct Research
To create a compelling proposal, you must demonstrate knowledge of the current situation, including the need you hope to meet and the existing products or services on the market. You should also show that you have put deliberate thought and planning into the product or service itself and that your plan has a strong potential for success. Your research might include secondary research, like published articles and websites, or primary research, like observations, interviews, and questionnaires. If you cite published research, you must cite it in APA style.
Compose the Proposal
Write a proposal that includes the following sections:
Description of Current Situation
Project Plan
Reference list for research cited (APA style)
You may add additional sections to the body of the proposal, and you may include appendixes. Design your document for readability—while your sources should be cited in a consistent citation style, your full document does not need to conform to the style of an academic research paper. Consider audience and purpose, and look at examples to see how you can use line spacing, font, type size, headings, and white space effectively. The length of your proposal will vary depending on your topic and design choices, but successful proposals will likely be 3-6 pages, single spaced.
Attach a Transmittal Memo
Your transmittal memo should be addressed to your instructor. List the documents you have included and your reason for submitting them. Explain the purpose of your proposal and state your primary audience. Why and how did you choose this person or organization? How did your awareness of audience and purpose shape your choices as you composed your proposal?


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