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Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

  1. a) Discuss various approaches      to performance evaluation and control in various types of organisations
  2. b) Devise and evaluate simple      indicators of performance.
  3. c) Critically evaluate the uses      of managerial accounting information for strategic decision making in      various business contexts

Select a Manufacturing/Service Sector Company and then write a report to evaluate the roles of managerial accounting in its business operation, by using their latest financial statements (annual reports), company website information, and relevant research materials if necessary
It is highly expected from you to purport the following perspective of the report:

  1. a) Introduce the selected      company:
  2. Company’s name
  3. Establishment year
  4. Vision & mission
  5. Managerial Highlights
  6. Products/Services
  7. Key Performance Information
  8. b) Identify and describe the      value chain of the company
  9. c) Describe the process of      Planning, Controlling and Decision Making in the company.
  10. d) Summarise and present the      various types of management accounting information and tools that the      company use in their business.
  11. e) Provide recommendation of at      least 2 management accounting tools that you believe will be useful for      the company and explain the reasons for your recommendation.

Article writing homework help


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