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Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. 1. List the three different terms for book-length comics and their places of origin.
2. Who came up with the term “graphic novel”?
3. List three well-known bande dessinées series.
4. What is ligne claire?
5. Why do manga characters have large, round, shiny eyes?
6. What is hentai?
7. List three early American proto-graphic novels.
8. What is When the Wind Blows about?
9. Name the longest-running English-language comic book series by a single creative team.
10. What is the Cerebus Syndrome?
11. Why is 1978 important in the history of the graphic novel?
12. What British magazine ran comics about Judge Dredd?
13. Why is 1986 important in the history of the graphic novel?
14. Which graphic novel won a special Pulitzer Prize in 1992?
15. Name the most successful graphic novel series in the U.S.
16. In what decade did manga become popular in the U.S.?
17. What is Scott Pilgrim about?
18. Name the first graphic novel to win the Printz Award.
19. Why is Blacksad called to a murder scene?
20. Who is Smirnov?
21. How did Blacksad meet Natalia?
22. What is different about how females are drawn in Blacksad compared to how males are drawn?
23. Who does Jake point Blacksad to?
24. Who tries to stab Blacksad?
25. How does the lizard get away from the weasel who is following him?
26. Where does the rat lead Blacksad?
27. Who was Noel Krisnok?
28. Why is Blacksad arrested?
29. What evidence does the lizard have?
30. Who kills the lizard?
31. Why did Ivo Statoc kill Natalia?
32. What does Statoc offer Blacksad?
33. How does Smirnov cover for Blacksad?

Article writing homework help


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