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Biology homework help

Participate in an experience from the options listed below.
Write 2-page paper, double-spaced, about your experience. How does it relate to this class? What did you learn? How did it make you feel?
Include proof (tickets, photos, paperwork, screenshot, etc.)
1. Watch a sex documentary not shown for class
2. Draw and label the male and female reproductive tracts and genitalia(no written essay needed, just drawings, but they need to be textbook-worthy, not a doodle)
3. Listen to The Birth Hour podcast
4. Follow stopcensoringmotherhood on Instagram
5. Follow thebadassbreastfeeder and/or normalizeandcelebrate on Instagram
6. Complete Safe Zone Ally training
7. Watch a movie with an LGBT+ storyline
8. Visit a sex shop
9. Visit the Women’s Resource Center
10. Attend the Vagina Monologues (February)
11. Attend an art exhibition with a sexuality theme
12. Attend a seminar on sexuality
13. Talk to a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle about sex.
14. Attend the Women’s March (January)
15. Participate in Women’s Day (March)
16. Attend a Counseling Services Wellbeing Workshop: COMMUNICATION/RELATIONSHIPShttps://www.cpp.edu/~healthcounseling/counseling/groups.shtml
17. Participate in The Body Project https://cpp.formstack.com/forms/?2496015-lnZEdL9QeE
18. Attend a V-Team meeting https://www.cpp.edu/~oslcc/wrc/clubs-and-organizations/v-team.shtml
19. Participate in Denim Day or Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (April)
20. Read Twitter hashtag #MeToo
21. Talk to a CPP Wellness Center Health Educator, Peer Health Educator, or physician about sexual health
22. Get tested for HIV
23. Get tested for STIs as recommended by health professional https://www.stdtests.info/
24. Read Twitter hashtag #YouKnowMe
25. Attend a drag show


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