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Current Event Assessment: (Graduate Specific Assignment.)- Current event needs to have taken place no earlier than 6 month prior to March 2, 2020
All responses should meet professional standards. In content, punctuation/writing style, and APA guidelines for citation of sources and should run 600 words; a minimum of 3 reference sources outside of the textbook are required. Also: please no Investopedia, wiki of any sorts or similar popular sites as research.
You may pick one of the following topics for the assignment
1. Analyzing liquidity using the cash conversion cycle.
2. Three common currency-adjustment pitfalls.
3. How to manage Fluctuations in Foreign Currency Rates
4. The current Federal Reserve Federal Fund Rate Position.
5. The program of QE-3.
6. The central bank in the payment system
7. Factors impacting recent trends in capital markets
8. Trends in the global financial markets
9. Inflation, deflation, negative interest rates.
10. Perils and benefits of having the dollar as the main reserve currency of the world.
Current Event Assessments will use the following rubric.
CATEGORY 7 Points 4 Points 3Points 2 Points 1 Points 0-1 Points
TITLE/CONTENT /BLACK BOARD DISCUSSION Title and table of contents pages are complete & arranged neatly. No spelling or punctuation issues. Strong content and nice layout of title page. No critical errors. Weak or missing content in areas and some errors in spelling and punctuation. Major errors with title page layout. Table of Contents may lack detail and is not linked to material. No relationship between table of contents and actual documents No title page and table of contents.
CATEGORY 30 Points 20 Points 15 Points 10 Points 5 Points 0 Points
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Analytical work and evaluation of material are obvious & substantial. Qualitative & quantitative excellence exhibited. Consistent, well organized layout. Met section requirements fully. Most of the writing is cohesively strong. Good critical thinking, no errors in logic. Ratio analysis and other financial calculations accurate and complete. Most requirements completed. Financial analysis not complete with some inaccurate calculations. Gaps in evidence and insufficient links. Lacking some analytical or evaluative thinking. Weak or no evidence of analytical or evaluative thinking. Little or no creative / original thinking present. Financial analysis incomplete with some inaccurate calculations. Below average writing and quantitative analysis. Critical thinking is not evident. Incomplete financial analysis with many inaccurate calculations. Unacceptable writing; does not meet standards of assignment. Incomplete financial analysis. The analysis lacks organization and cohesion at all levels.
CATEGORY 13 Points 8 Points 6 Points 4 Points 2 Points 0 Points
RECOMMENDATION Recommendations based on solid financial analysis. Conclusions are well supported by analytical work. Writing that excels in most areas. Very good writing but lacks some fluency and complexity. Calculations are accurate. Few errors in logic though some minor weaknesses. Good writing and qualitative work but missing some competencies in areas. Final recommendations lacking important support/detail. Fair writing. Quantitative competency meets average standards. Poor support provided for conclusions. Below average conclusion with poorly thought out recommendations. Lacks evidence & quantitative analysis to support final recommendations. Complete mishandling of assignment.


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