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Case Study
The sales plan is on of the more important plans within a sales organization and for the entire company. It represents the following elements:
• The strategy of the company
• The strategy and objectives of the sales department
• A photography of the external market
1. Give an overview of the sales plan of a company and its main elements.
2. Explain how the company manages its sales activities and their alignment with the rest of departments of the company
3. Describe the main tasks of a Sales Manager (including the importance of the type of business organization for sales activities)
4. Include the explanation of some important metrics within a sales plan.
5. Give an overview of how the sales Organizational would look like and why.
Your Assignment
1. Include references and in-text citations through the Harvard referencing Style
2. Word count: Minimum 1250 words.
Learning outcomes:
• understand the sales management function as part of the overall company strategy and the processes involved in go-to-market activities
• assess different sales organization structures and to design them. according to company strategy and competitive environment


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