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Take time to include 3 health benefits of Ballroom Dancing/Social Dancing/Dancing
in general. These benefits can be social skills, mental health benefits or physical
health benefits.
Research these benefits and explain their significance to a healthy living regimen.
Make sure to use respectable sources and notate them
Include a personal reflection on how the knowledge of these benefits will help you
continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle as you move into adulthood. Use this as well
as your reflection on the Social Dance to make up your 2000 word paper.
• Below are a few ways to write your paper suggested by the University:
o Envision a future self (and possibly makes plans that build on past
experiences) that have occurred across multiple and diverse
o Select examples of life experiences, drawn from a variety of
contexts (e.g., family life, artistic participation, civic involvement,
work experience), to help describe both the health benefits you
researched and your reflection of the Social Dance.
o Evaluates changes in own learning over time, recognizing complex
contextual factors (e.g., works with ambiguity and risk, deals with
frustration, considers ethical frameworks).
o Articulate strengths and challenges (within specific performances
or events) to increase effectiveness in different contexts (through
increased self-awareness).


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