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Writing Homework Help. DAC the Road Is an Accurate Symbolic Representation of What Life Is Like in 2021 Essay


Write an argumentative essay that either supports or refutes this claim:

The Road is an accurate symbolic representation of what life is like in 2021.

The key word in this claim is “symbolic.” We all know that the world of The Road and our world — wherever we might live — are not identical. Your task is to argue whether or not The Road succeeds as a metaphorical expression of reality in 2021.

Metaphor: “a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract”

By “life” I refer to human life — what life is like for humanity in 2021.


The audience for your essay has read the novel. Because they’ve read it, they want you to avoid extensive summary in the process of supporting or refuting this claim. It might be best for you to imagine that your reader has made the above claim, and they are now reading your essay to see if and why you either agree or disagree with them.


This essay will likely have our most complex writing process.

Aside from the final draft, which will be worth 300 points, each step below will be a credit/no-credit assignment. There will be different due dates for each step, allowing you to build the draft incrementally.

1.For Research(Within 24 hours): Upload a typed collection of at least six quotes from The Road and at least four quotes from at least three outside sources. Include bibliographic information for your outside sources, formatted according MLA standards. End the typed collection of research with a 1-3 sentence thesis that succinctly articulates the central claim(s) of your essay.

On a single document, upload the following preliminary evidence for use in your essay

1) At least six quotes from The Road

2) At least four quotes taken at least two credible outside sources

The document, therefore, should have no less than ten quotes.

The outside sources should be credible, noteworthy voices in this debate. Do not include reviews or commentary from Goodreads, for example, or from Amazon customer reviews.

Include bibliographic information for your outside sources, formatted according MLA standards.

After providing your ten quotes and your bibliographic information, end the submission with a thesis that succinctly articulates the central claim(s) of your essay.

Of course, you are welcome to use other quotes should you come across them as you write. The purpose of this assignment is to assure that you begin gathering evidence for your argument before you actually begin your argument.

2.For the Rough Draft(Within 3 days): Upload a 4-page (minimum) typed draft, using MLA formatting.

3. For the Final Draft(Undetermined: Upload a doc, docx, or pdf document to Canvas that is at least five pages long, using MLA and class formatting requirements. Use either Times or Times New Roman as your font, set at 12-point for the entire essay. The final draft must include a properly formatted “Works Cited” page.

Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. COM 510 Strayer University Week 8 & 9 Request for Internal Promotion PPT

From quick conversations to phone calls, meetings, formal presentations, and sales pitches, you must always employ effective verbal communication skills. While verbal interactions are extremely common, they can also be stressful. Every interaction contains the potential for success—and the danger of failure. To be “on your game” always requires purposeful practice, reflection, and adjustment based on input and feedback. No matter what your verbal communication skills are, you can improve them.

In this assignment, you will develop and deliver a 5-minute presentation. This verbal communication should match the challenge or opportunity topic that you wrote about for your Week 4 outline and Week 8 Assignment.

Note: For the purposes of this course, your presentation should not exceed 5 minutes. (Your communication proposal might require a much longer presentation, but limit your response to the key 5 minutes in this case.) Imagine that you are before your target audience and pitching the idea.


  1. Prepare your presentation:
    1. Write a script for your presentation using feedback from Assignment 2, considering your 5-minute limit. The script should include:
      1. An engaging introduction. Start with an impactful opening story, statistic, or statement.
      2. The key message and support for the key message. Include five or more compelling stories, statistics, or facts, using sources to meet the goals and needs of the audience. enough information to support your argument.
      3. Present a clear and actionable call to action, using a strong action verb, at the appropriate time in the presentation.
  2. Record your verbal communication:
    1. Submit a recording that is no longer than 5 minutes.
    2. Create a professional presence by using appropriate non-verbal and verbal communication. Focus on body language, facial expressions, tone, pitch, enunciation, and vocabulary.
    3. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
      • Create a professional verbal presentation that is refined by reflection and feedback

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. ESL106 Mistakes You Make When Receiving Bids Essay

Review the lecture on the Perfect Paragraph and then use the outline below to create body paragraph #1.

Remember that your paragraph is a minimum of 10 sentences. Each of the sentences is outlined below. Each sentence must be a complete sentence with a subject, verb and complete thought with a period at the end.

Put your paragraph into correct paragraph format. If you don’t know what that is, go to modules and click on writing samples, and I have a sample called paragraph format to help you.

Body paragraph #1 is about 3 different mistakes you make when receiving bids

Context is the information you give before the quote that helps the quote make sense. The minimum context is the author states or Gottman tells us, something like that.

2] After you post your paragraph, read some of your group mates’ work. Comment with a minimum of 5 sentences to help a group mate improve his/her paragraph, ask a question, and you can tell them specifically what they did well. You can talk about the topic sentence parts, transitions, main point sentences, context, quotations, and explanation sentences.

Body Paragraph #1 outline – mistakes receiving bids

Transition + Create your topic sentence to include the three issues you have when receiving bids to others.

Transition + main point 1 sentence: Your first mistake receiving a bid

Context + Quote from text supporting the idea of this kind of mistake

Explanation of the quote in terms of your mistake

Transition + main point 2 sentence: Another mistake receiving a bid

Context + Quote from text supporting the idea of this kind of mistake

Explanation of the quote in terms of your mistake

Transition + main point 3 sentence: Your third mistake receiving a bid

Context + Quote from text supporting the idea of this kind of mistake:

Explanation of the quote in terms of your mistake:

Body Paragraph #2 outline – your personal story of avoiding a bid buster. Gottman, the author of the book The Relationship Cure

Transition + topic sentence: Agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s main idea that through avoiding bid busters, we can lower conflict or improve a tense situation because of your personal experience of …

Explain the experience in vivid detail: Using transitions to move through time, tell us the story of what usually happens with this person and what you did to avoid a bid buster in a tense situation this time. Include

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • Why?
  • When?

Transition + main idea sentence stating if the technique you employed worked or not and how this supports or negates the author’s claim.

Context + quote from text that speaks to your main point.

Explanation of why you believe the technique worked / didn’t work/ or will work in future .

3-plus i want the introduction and conclusion

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. Wind Energy Renewable Sources Question

the topic was about renewable energy specifically of wind energy 

Analyzing Sources Exercise

Make notes about the sources you gathered for the initial research into this project – what did you find was difficult to summarize at length, or which sources that you summarized were not directly related to where you think you want to go with your essay. Identify sources that might not fit your needs any longer.

Now evaluate your sources for the following: 

Authority and Credibility

  • Who is the author of each source – not the person, necessarily, but the publisher? Is it a recognizable source?
  • Is it a university press or an academic journal – these are considered more credible
  • Does the source include a works cited or bibliography – what sources did your source draw on? Does it include a wide variety of citations from other credible sources?
  • Does the author make a reasonable argument with a balance of views included?
  • Is there any indication the author has relevant expertise?
  • Is there depth to the information? Did it take you time to summarize?
  • Does the source provide links (if a web site) to similar sources and does it provide a date of last update for its pages or other information?

Audience and Purpose

  • What is the tone of the source, the appearance of the source (if online or visual), and its intention?
  • Does it try to appeal to an audience in a way that indicates its purpose is to sell, persuade or influence?
  • Does it simply present information in an unbiased way?
  • Is it advocating for a cause or to raise funds?
  • Who is it aimed at – can you tell?
  • Sites and other sources with well-documented evidence and focused on scholarship or presenting facts in balanced ways will be most useful.

Objectivity and Bias

  • Most sources provide a point of view or a bias that is implicit or explicit, but a strong source gives a balance – a range of views about the topic or issue.
  • Biased sources have no place in an academic essay, even if you counter that source with other, unbiased sources. A biased source is not credible because you can’t trust it – it is not objective. A source that can’t be trusted might do the following:
    • Make broad, sweeping claims
    • Use a tone that is unreasonable or excessive or over-the-top
    • Exaggerate its significance or value to the topic
    • Include no opposing views or provide only one view
    • Attack opposing views rather than consider them


  • Your sources should be relevant not just to the general topic, but to your essay’s purpose
  • How does it specifically address what you think might be your thesis, or the ideas you think you want to focus on in your essay?
  • How recent are your sources? Do you need something more updated?
  • Do your sources relate or is it a stretch to make them fit what you want to say? If so, you might need to find sources that are more relevant.
  • If the source is a web site, when was it last updated?

Write a brief evaluation for each of your sources so far using the prompts above. Which sources will you keep and which might you discard? What other sources do you need? What are the ideas you want to write about that need additional sources to support them? Which of your sources is lacking in credibility or relevance or accuracy, and therefore might need to be discarded?

What is your plan for getting additional sources to support your essay?

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. San Diego State University Perception of the Body Essay

Please discuss the following prompt:

The Buddha was known to have said that if women had been allowed into the Sangha from the start, the impact of the Dharma would have only lasted half as long. What do you think he meant by this? What factors do you think could have led the Buddha to think this way?

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. BUS I690 LUO Biblical Perspective on Environmental Pollution Essay

In a minimum of 650 words, discuss Bible verse(s) and Christian worldview as they relate to Environmental Pollution by Oil/Petroleum Producing Corporation. See attached for additional instruction. The text download I have but it is too big to add here.

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. Grossmont College RIT Scholarworks Interactive Multimedia Essay

Step 1:

Review our MLA Formatting page, paying particular attention to the Work Cited page tab.

In your Essay 1, you will either use one of the articles we read, and you will then have to cite that article in a Works Cited page (we have to cite any time we use an outside source). MLA required that those me formatted using a specific formula. The two formulas you will need are below:

  • For an article:
    • Provide the author name (last name first), article name in quotation marks, title of the web magazine in italics, publisher name, publication date. Here is an example:Bernstein, Mark. “10 Tips on Writing the Living Web.” A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites, 16 Aug. 2002.

Step 2:

Create your Works Cited page for Essay 1. It should only have one citation, the article you chose.

Remember that:

  • The Works Citedpage starts on a new page.
  • The title, Works Cited, is centered, 1 inch from the top of the page. It is not bold or underlined.
  • Entries are listed in alphabetical order by author last name or, if there is no author, first letter in the title. Since, you will likely only have one, you don’t have to worry about this part yet.
  • All sources listed in the Works Cited have at least one corresponding in-text citation.
  • Works Cited are double-spaced and each entry that requires a second line uses a hanging indent.
  • If you want to see it, here is a Actions
  • In addition to submitting here, you will attach this Works Cited page to the final draft of your essay due next week.

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. Grossmont College Joseph Campbells Concept of the Heros Journey Explanation

you will be asked to explain Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey and analyze how three assigned steps are demonstrated and contribute to the overall meaning of the story. 

For the timed essay, you will also be assigned three of the following 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey.

Here is a list from the resource  Hero’s Journey 101 Download Hero’s Journey 101Preview the document :

The 12 steps of the hero’s journey are…

  1. The Ordinary World
  2. The Call of Adventure
  3. Refusal of the Call
  4. Meeting the Mentor
  5. Crossing the First Threshold
  6. Tests, Allies, Enemies
  7. Approach to the Inmost Cave
  8. The Ordeal
  9. Reward (Seizing the Sword)
  10. The Road Back
  11. Resurrection
  12. Return with the Elixir

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Writing Homework Help

Writing Homework Help. UCLA Kants and Goethes Programs of Enlightenment Discussion

Can you help me understand this Creative Writing question?

1. List 3 similarities and 3 differences in Kant’s and Goethe’s programs of Enlightenment. Bullet-point answers acceptable!

2. How does the genre and/or form of each author’s argument contribute to his Enlightenment message (3-5 sentences)

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