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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Emerging Threats and Countermeasures Homework Assignment 3
• Ransomware attack
Assignment Based on the topic you decided on, the organization needs to have a better understanding of how (your topic) currently affects the company. What better way to do that with conducting a survey. You decide to create a survey and send to all of the Business Unit Managers to get their input on security. The results of the survey questions should provide you with insight on the current security posture of the organization by department and their level of understanding of this threat.
You must do the following:
• Create an original 10 question survey asking questions about (your topic) in MS Word or as a PDF. Please also include a cover page. • The survey should be based on a 5-point Likert scale and must be in a survey format • No background information, such as name, gender, etc needs to be included in the survey, just the questions themselves • Be creative with the 10 questions and make sure each question is related to your topic • The relevance of these question will help identify the current security posture of the organization and this is what you will be graded on. • All surveys should be completed independently by each student. Duplicate surveys (exact questions or extremely similar questions) submitted by multiple students will receive a grade of zero. • No APA or references are needed for this assignment.  Submission: You do not need to email this survey, solicit anyone, send it out to anyone or conduct an actual survey at your organization or company. Just submit it through Blackboard. This is a hypothetical scenario only, but should be completed as if you were sending this to the real Business Managers in your organization.
• Please only complete the required 10 questions. No more and no less.
• Please make sure that you understand this assignment in its entirety before beginning
• If you are unsure how to design a 5-point Likert scale survey, please check the Internet or school resources to get this information.
• As you create each question, ask yourself “Is this relevant to my topic?” “Is this relevant to security and this issue we are attempting to address?” “Would this question be relevant to a Business Manager?”
• Ask questions if you need clarification

Computer Science homework help


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