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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Residency Assignment 2 (Group Assignment)
Your group has been assignment a topic and you will write a group paper that discusses the
threat as well as the proposed countermeasure on how you would mitigate or minimize the
problem threat.
Group 1 Hybrid Cloud Security
Group 2 Multi-Cloud Security
Group 3 Zero-Trust Security
Each group will complete an 8-10-page double spaced paper (max 12-point font) that will
contain the following:
• Cover Page
• Outline (on its own page)
• Abstract
• Introduction for your topic. Also, include a few major statistics about related threats
• What are the top 3 concerns about your topic and why?
• What are your proposed countermeasures to solve the problem?
• Summary
Each of the above bullet points should have their own paragraph with substantial detail
provided. (not including the references section) Please use proper APA and a minimum of
eight unique scholarly references will be needed. Please add a title page to this assignment
with the names of all of the group members and the Group Number and provide a final
This Research assignment will be worth 200 points for each member in the group

Computer Science homework help


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