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Answer the EVEN OR ODDChapter Review Questions” at the end of Chapters 1, 2 and 3 (see pages 24, 55 and 88) in complete, grammatically correct sentences. Number each question to correspond to the number on the question being answered and submit one Microsoft Word compatible document with all answers.
Chapter 1

  • What are the six primary roles that information systems play in organizations? How are information systems used in each context?
  • How is data different from information? How is information different from knowledge? What are examples of each?
  • What are the three characteristics that make information valuable? Why is each a critical attribute of information?
  • What are the four components of an information system? Describe each component. What are the five functions that these components provide?
  • How are information systems important to managers in a variety of functional business units? What are examples of ways that information systems are important to the success of a marketing department, a human resources department, and a small business owner?
  • What are the functional areas that are common to most information technology departments?
  • What is the role of the chief information officer?
  • How do information systems offer promises to organizations? What are some of the perils of information systems? What are some of the ethical questions associated with the use of information systems?

Chapter 2
2-1. What are the five competitive forces that shape industry competition? How are these forces interrelated?
2-2.  How do disruptive innovations, government policies, complementary products and services, and environmental events affect how the competitive forces operate?
2-3.  What are the components of the value chain? Which components comprise the primary activities? Which components comprise the support activities? What is the extended value chain?
2-4.  How do managers use benchmarks to analyze the value chain and IT spending?
2-5.  How do information systems apply to competitive strategies for business?
2-6.  How are information systems used to run, grow, and transform a business?
2-7.  How do information systems apply to competitive strategies for nonprofit organizations?
2-8.  How do governments use information systems to improve services and fund research?
Chapter 3
3-1. What is the function of each of the four components of a computer? Give an example of each component.
3-2.  What is the meaning and significance of Moore’s Law?
3-3.  What are the two major types of software, and how do they differ? Give an example of each.
3-4.  What are the different strategies for creating and deploying software?
3-5.  What are the major types of wired and wireless transmission media? What are the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of each?
3-6.  What is packet switching, and what are its advantages for networks?
3-7.  What is a network protocol? What are the roles of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and wireless protocols?  3-8.  What is an enterprise architecture, and what is its role in an organization?
3-9.  How have ICT architectures changed over time as new technologies have emerged?
3-10.  What is cloud computing? How does it support business objectives?


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