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Topic: Access restriction using the cloud is more secure than the operating system.
12 pages – (NO PLAGIARISM)
Make this a paper appropriate for journal publication. That is you must endeavor to meet all the requirements of such a project. Hence, your paper should include all or most of the following:
1. Appropriate figures and tables
2. The research method(s)
3. The results
4. The discussion
5. Clear conclusion
6. A compelling introduction
7. An abstract
8. A well concise and descriptive title
9. Acknowledgments
10. References
10 Essential Parts of the scientific Paper:
•Title – Describe concisely the core contents of the paper.
• Abstract – Summarize the major elements of the paper.
• Introduction – provide context and rationale for the study.
• Materials – Describe the experimental design so it is reproducible.
• Methods – Describe the experimental procedures.
• Results – Summarize the findings without interpretation.
• Discussion – Interpret the findings of the study.
• Summary – summarize the findings.
• Acknowledgment – Give credit to the those
• References: List all scientific papers, books, and websites that you cited.


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