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Assignment Instructions
Instructions:Submit final paper of your App proposal:
3-5 pages (double-spaced) not including the title page or reference page.
Choose what your ideal mobile application would be.
The audience for this report will be technical management who will decide whether the application will move into the development phase.
One title page with a descriptive title.
Use actual screenshots, images or diagrams of sample products, processes, etc. to illustrate your App Proposal.
Any citations must be in APA style (see the above link).
Your paper must be in your own words, representing original work. Paraphrases of others’ work must include attributions to the authors. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 3-5 lines, and use quotations sparingly!
You must get your topic, purpose, and audience approved.
You must provide a 1-page outline of your paper.
This is to be a complete paper, meeting the page requirements – not a partially completed paper. Points will be deducted for short or incomplete papers. You will receive helpful feedback to indicate where you are falling short. You may correct any deficiencies before resubmitting your final draft in Week 7.


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