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*First, Discuss topic in at least 250 word paragraph.
*Second, make 1 reply of at least 100 words for each     paragraph provided below. For your paragraph and replies, you   should     support your assertions with at least 1 source and  accompanying     citations in APA format. Acceptable sources include the  textbook,     reputable websites, and the Bible.
Discussion Topic:
You received a request from your boss to upgrade an employee’s computer  from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. You are planning to upgrade his computer  next week since he will be on vacation. What will you need to do to  prepare for the onsite visit and, once there, what will be the steps to  perform the upgrade?
100 word Reply to Each Paragraph!
Paragraph #1
When  asked to upgrade an employee’s computer from Vista to Windows 7 the  first thing I would do is to verify that the user’s computer qualifies  for the upgrade. The windows 7 Upgrade Advisor checks to see if it’s  ready to run Windows 7. Next, I would check what hardware and software  Windows 7 currently supports by going to the Windows 7 compatibility  center. “You can easily search or browse for your hardware to see if  it’s Windows 7 compatible. If you have an older software version or  hardware driver, they point you to the manufacturer’s website so you can  upgrade to the right version of Windows 7”. (Burgess, 2017). Next, I  would make sure to backup all important files and data. While the  employee is out of the office on vacation, I would then begin the  upgrade by running the Windows 7 disk making sure that I am connected to  the internet so the updates can be downloaded and installed. I would  then accept the license terms with the recommendation of Upgrade  installation instead of custom.
I  would next make sure to address any issues that may arise before I  install the new operating system. “Before you begin the installation,  complete the final checklist of hardware requirement, hardware problems  resolved, product key, network access, and data backup, to verify you  are ready”. (Andrews, West, & Dark, 2017). Once the upgrade process  begins there will be reboots while the process begins. After the reboots  are completed, I would then type in the upgrade product key. Once all  the updates are complete, I would re-install the software that was on  the original system and ensure that all the files transferred. After  confirming that the installation is complete the computer will be ready  to use when the employee returns from vacation.
*100 word reply
Paragraph 2
If I were to be tasked with upgrading a client’s computer from  Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, I would first start by creating a backup of  all of the files on their desktop. I would then download the iso file  for Windows 8 from Microsoft. After downloading the iso file, I would  burn it to a USB drive. Before performing a clean installation of  Windows, I would run a PowerShell script that retrieves the product code  for activating Windows. I would write down the product code to be used  to activate Windows 8.1. Next I would power off the computer and wait  for it to completely shut down.
Once the computer has been shut off, I  would insert the bootable USB drive into one of the USB ports,  preferably one of the back ports that is connected to the motherboard if  it is a desktop. After connecting the USB to the computer, I would  power on the computer and rapidly press the key that prompts the  computer to open up the bios menu. On the bios menu, I would navigate to  boot order and change the boot order so that USB is on top. I would  press F10 to save the settings and power off the computer again. After  the computer turns off, I would power on the computer and let it load  the USB boot menu. I would select the appropriate USB drive and let it  begin to load the files for Windows 8.1 Once the files have been loaded,  I would go through the default prompts to begin setting up Windows.  When the installation is complete, I would load the client’s files back  onto their machine and have them test it (Lendino, 2015).
*100 word reply


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