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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

Animal Angels Housing Analysis Shelter2015201620172018     Nobody’s Pets$127,000$154,200$142,600$152,800Pets Unlimited154,500251,000213,500220,300FOCAS14,50019,20012,50014,700Wood Green Animal Shelter2,3002,5002,2004,200Pet Where Shelter1,2001,5001,4001,600ASPCA129,100154,300148,500142,400New River Animal Shelter11,2001,53011,70010,500New Pet Shelter19,30019,90018,90025,300City of Dogs Shelter10,20011,50014,20013,500Humane World29,10012,50026,70029,900     Total$498,400$628,130$592,200$615,200     Student Name    Date
Animal Rescue Foundation Adoption Analysis
1. Edward Corwin works for the Animal Rescue Foundation.  One of his responsibilities is to collect and analyze data on the animals that enter the shelters.  He has compiled a list of the cost of housing animals by the local shelters for four different years.  After following the directions below to complete the worksheet, your solution will be similar to that shown here.2. Create the workbook.  Spell check the worksheet and correct any misspelled words.3. Format the numbers using the Accounting style with zero decimal places.  Adjust the column widths so all the data is fully displayed.  4. Use the Sum function to calculate the totals for each of the columns.   Add font and fill colors to the worksheet.    Add a thick double border around the spreadsheet.5. Enter your name in cell A20 and the current date in cell A21.  Format cell A21 to display the month, day, and year date (March 14, 2001) format
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Computer Science homework help


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