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Chapter 13
1. Why international negotiation is more complex than domestic negotiation? Why communication skills are crucial in the arena of international business? What are different types of international negotiations?
2. What roles interpreters can play in the international negotiations? What skills are necessary in international negotiation and how one prepares for it?
3. What are various steps in international negotiation? Pick up three and explain why they are important.
Chapter 14
4. What are the Work Centrality, Work Obligation, Extrinsic and Intrinsic values in working? People in emerging economies have what kinds of inclinations and why?
5. What are the differences between need and process theories of motivation? What are the components of  Maslow’s theory of needs? Where that theory is placed among other theories of motivation? Where are areas of similarities and difference?
6. What role national cultures play in motivation? How equity theory can be described in the context of culture and motivation?
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