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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

The Research Report, select one of the following research areas:
i) 5G Networks
ii) Serverless Computing
iii) Blockchain
iv) 3D Printing
v) Wearable Devices
vi) Machine Learning
vii) Artificial Intelligence
viii) Internet of Things (IoT)
ix) Medical Technology
x) Artificial Intelligence
xi) Brain Linked Virtual Reality
xii) Video Gaming Algorithms
1) A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal citations are required.
2)Chapter 1 illustrates the document details of the research report [Review the Final Exam Research Report Guide (Research Report Help section)] and constitutes
Background/Introduction, Problem Statement(s), Goal(s), Research Question(s),
Relevance and Significance, Barriers and Issues related to topic chosen. Chapter 2 should consist of student paraphrasing the cited research material (i.e. what happened in case study x). Chapter 3 should be the reasoning for doing a basic compare/contrast or advantages/disadvantage of what was stated in Chapter 2 (do not state because the professor said so). Chapter 4 is a complete analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of what was stated in chapter 2. In effect, chapter 3 is a statement of what will be done and chapter 4 is what was done and what the findings were. Again, thus far the writing is objective and must not contain student opinion. Chapter 5 states results, conclusion, and future work recommendations. Here is where student opinion (or any researcher) can state their respective opinion as the student has now “done the work” and are justified in stating results.
i) Table of contents
ii) Chapter 1 – Introduction

  • Background/Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Goal
  • Research Questions
  • Relevance and Significance
  • research literature:
  • Barriers and Issues

iii) Chapter 2 – Literature Review
iv) Chapter 3 – Methodology Specifics (comparative analysis)
v) Chapter 4 – Findings and Results
vi) Chapter 5 – Conclusion and Future Recommendations
vii) References – APA
viii) Appendices
For reference attaching the document.( Option 1: Research Report / Individual Project (1000 points))

  • attachment


Computer Science homework help


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