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Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

  1. The command staff has approached you regarding how best to distribute resources in order to curtail crime in various beats.
  2. Go to the Chicago crime map (http://gis.chicagopolice.org/CLEARMap/startPage.htm#) and select four “beats” that are in different parts of the city. In the “Optional” settings, click on “Index”- More Serious Offenses. Select four types of crime that you will be comparing for each of the four “beats”.
  3. From that data for each “beat”, compare the beats, and determine the highest frequency of each of the four types crimes for each beat, including the highest and lowest frequency by month. Create a chart to compile this data.
  4. Create a Memo with the chart embedded, to the command staff that summarizes the analysis of your findings regarding the comparison of the various types of crimes in the four beats. In the memo, explain to the command staff everything that he might need to know to make the best decision. Support your analysis with Research.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content.

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Criminal homework help


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