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ECOM425 – Virtual Organisation Management
Semester 2 (2019-2020) – Assignment 2 

Course: ECOM 425
Student name:
Academic Year: 1441 Students number:
Semester: 2nd
student grade:    (out of 8)
InstructorName:                                                  Signature
Level of the Mark:          Level

ECOM 425 – Virtual Organization Management
Semester 1 (2019-2020) – Internal Assessment

  • This is an individual assessment, which is a part of course score. It requires effort and critical thinking.
  • Assignment 1(Question. No -1 to Question.No-4)-8 Marks
  • The submission method of all should be through the Black board only.

Assignment 1:
The Answers of this Assignment can include Charts, Tables and relevant Snap shots. etc. if needed.
Each Individual need to find any One Virtual Organization. With respect to the organization the following Questions need to be surveyed and answered.

Date of release Due date of submission from the students Grade Allocation
Assignment-1 End of 6th Week End of 9th Week 8

1.About the Virtual Organization

  1. Organization Name and Profile. (1 Mark)


  1. Narrate the execution of Virtual process. (1 Mark)

2.Explain the integrated system implementations in the organization. (2 Marks)
3.Describe the modern and technical infrastructure requirement for your Organization.
(2 Marks)
4.State the challenges faced in implementing Virtual Organization. (2 Marks)


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