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Economics homework help

Economics homework help. *********Please Read Instructions **********
Do this in a WORD DOC. I WILL upload on blog site.


  • To maintain a monthly touch point with the online portfolio
  • To create new content to share on your online portfolio


  1. Update your online portfolio with a blog post.
    Remember the parameters of a blog post from Portfolios I & II and be sure that while the content is written in your own words, that it is relevant to the field(s) that most interest you within the entertainment, music, sports, media, event, etc. industries.
    Your post should be written from a professional standpoint and can reference resources that you have found helpful to build your perspective on the topic. The most useful blogs are those that are both researched and speak from experience (when available).
    <Suggested topics: Film Producing  Audience Measurement in the Digital Age, Ways to Measure New Technology, Google Analytics and how businesses use it>
  2. The post must be a minimum of 250 words and include resources when necessary. It can also include images. Bear in mind that these must be professional and tasteful as they are a reflection of you as an aspiring professional in the business world. All images must allow use for commercial purposes and referenced appropriately. 
  3. I WILL DO—–Post a link to the blog page of your portfolio before the deadline. Both the link and the post to the portfolio must be completed prior to the deadline.

Tips for Success:

Over the course(AUDIENCE METRICS) of the program you may have chosen to explore a different direction than you anticipated when entering your program. These posts allow you the opportunity to explore different avenues of the entertainment, media, music, and business worlds. Take the time to research topics that might align with or deviate from class discussion this month and expand your knowledge of an area of interest.
Your post should be factual. You can certainly include your take on a topic, however the topic should be researched so you clearly understand the point of view that you are communicating. Since this blog is open to the public and will be used as a resource for future employment, the content should be vetted.

Economics homework help


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