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Economics homework help

Economics homework help. We are so very much living the unemployment discussion in this chapter.  I am looking forward to your reflections on this topic.
The first very short video explains the topic of the business cycles. Did you understand the definition of a business cycle?  Do you think that the U. S. will experience a recession this year?  Why or why not?  
The following video discusses who is and who is not considered “officially”  employed and unemployed. What did you learn about who is considered “officially unemployed”? 
his video explains how the unemployment rate is calculated.  It is a Kahn Academy film. What was your biggest takeaway from the video? 
The following is a video on the unemployment situation in the US as of April 2018.  You are to watch the video and then go online to find any video that speaks to the unemployment rate for April 2020. You are to  post the video link and then discuss the video, your thoughts and feelings.  If you cannot find a video then you are to find an article and discuss that with the class.
Finally, you are to research U3 and U6.  U3 is the official unemployment rate and U6 adds others to the number.  Who is added?  Who are the marginally attached and who is considered a discouraged worker?
due after 5 hours

Economics homework help


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