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Education homework help

Please relate your learning and reflection to your professional context when you address the questions.
My professional context: inclusive education and parental involvement for children with special needs.

  1. Compare and contrast two of the paradigms discussed in this module (e.g., positivist and constructivist).
  2. Discuss the notion of “quantitative/qualitative divide”. How productive is this distinction in the social sciences?

Support your argument with a minimum of four peer-review references, presented following APA guidelines.
Please chose the question which you could answer better.

  1. How do researchers identify a research topic?

Support your argument with a minimum of four peer-reviewed references. Make sure your referencing and citation adheres to APA referencing style.
A minimum of four peer-reviewed for each question. Which means 8 references for the whole paper.
The last two paragraphs should relate to my professional context. I will share sample of good respond, please read it. It should be 1 page and a half long single spaced.
Choose one of 1 or 2. 3 is must to answer.


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