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Work is due on this Sunday (3/8/20) at 1400 hours (2pm eastern time zone). Work needs to be completed according to the APA writing style. This assignment should be 3 pages.
As you read, make notes about your reactions, assumptions, implications, arguments, questions.
The idea of personal responses are to engage in thoughtful internal dialogue about the idea of global issues and education. You should attempt, in your understanding of the readings to get “underneath” what you read in order to understand the social, political, and cultural underpinnings of the issues.  Reading critically involves more than understanding the words or liking or disliking the texts; critical reading requires reflection.
***Critically respond and answer the following questions for each of the stories in the attached document:
(a) what are the texts’ assumptions about the phenomena being discussed?
(b)  What are the implications of the assumptions and/or the arguments?
(c)  What is at stake in the text’s arguments for the authors and for you?
(d)  Who (or what) are the authors arguing for or against?
(e)  How do the authors construct and articulate their arguments?
(f)  How do the texts “fit” (or not fit) in relation to your own thought and practice?
(g) What questions did you find yourself asking after doing the reading? Please do not simply summarize the readings.
Write a critical response connecting the content from the text with your responses to the prompts.
The response should be written in a narrative form that is evident of engaging with the content and reflection.


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