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Education homework help

Education homework help. Why ask Why Assignment
One way to find out how intentional you really are in providing individualized learning experiences for children is to regularly ask yourself and each other, WHY? Being intentional is a key feature of being a professional teacher and can help you improve every aspect of your practice. Answering “why” questions also gives you the opportunity to practice explaining your practices. For example, a new parent is touring the center and stops in your classroom, you will be able to easily explain to parents all that they do in their classroom to provide the best care and support early learning. This also helps parents see the teachers as professionals and not just babysitters.
For this assignment, you will write a script for a tour of a new family to your early childhood program.  Include the following:

  1. Look around your early childhood classroom, environment, or family childcare home. If you are not currently working in an early childhood setting, use a space in your home. Think about the placement of objects such as shelves, bulletin boards, plants as well as the items in the space for instance, toys, art materials, books, etc.
  2. Consider the following questions:
    1. Why you placed those objects and items in those places?
    2. Why do you use this material?
  3. Write a script of what you would say to a family who is touring your early childhood classroom, environment or family childcare home. Write it as if you are talking directly to the family and actually showing them around your space on their first visit. Be sure to identify the age of the child joining your program.
  4. Incorporate information about intentional teaching practices; including environment, materials, curriculum model/approach and differentiated instruction. Include your “why” for each, as well.
  5. Include at least one resource to support your script, your intentional teaching choices and your “why.”

Your script should be 2-3 pages in length. Use an APA formatted title and reference pages as well as in text citation where appropriate.

Education homework help


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