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Electronic Engineering homework help

Electronic Engineering homework help. 1.Suppose the probability density function (PDF) for wind speed is given
a) Find the value of for this to be a legitimate PDF.
b) Find the cumulative distribution function (CDF) for the wind speed.
2.A homeowner considers purchasing a rooftop PV system that costs
$11,000. Assume the only costs for those PVs are the annual loan
payments on a $11,000, rate 4.5%, 10-year loan.
a)Find the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE, $/kWh) of this system.
b)Suppose the PV system generates constant power and delivers 6,000
kWh of electricity per year. It works 6 hours a day and 200 days a year.
The PV system is used to power a
50-gallon electric water heater. If the efficiency of the tank is 90% (i.e.,
10% of heat loss), how long would the PV system take to heat the full tank
of water from 10∘
� to 50∘
� ? (Recall that 3412 Btu = 1kWh and 1 gallon
of water weighs 8.35 lbs)
c)By using the LCOE, find the cost of a 12-gallon, 110∘
� shower if the
cold-water supply temperature is 55∘
3. Consider a 0.015 solar cell with the equivalent circuit shown below,
where the parallel resistance of �� = 5 �. The reverse saturation current is
and at an insolation of 1-sun the short-circuit is At 20∘
�, with an output
voltage of 0.5V, find the following:
a)The load current and the power consumed by the load.
b)The efficiency of the solar cell.
4.Consider a wind turbine with a cut-in wind speed of 4 m/s, a rated wind
speed of 14 m/s, and a cut-out wind speed of 26 m/s. If the wind speed
satisfies a Weibull distribution with the shape parameter k=2, and an
average speed of 10 m/s.
a)For how many hours per year will the turbine be shut down because of
excessively high- speed winds?
b) For how many hours per year the turbine has no power output because
the wind speed is lower than the cut-in speed?
c)If this is a 1.5-MW turbine, how much energy (kWh/yr) would be
produced for winds blowing above the rated wind speed?
d)This wind turbine is used for a pumped storage system; i.e., pumping
water from a lake to a pond at an elevation of 200m above. Assume the
pump has 75% efficiency and the pond is 5000 big. Find the change in
height of the water level in the pond if the turbine keeps working at its rate
power for one day.
5. A small-scale wind turbine with the rotor diameter 1.5m uses a 500-Watt
DC motor as a generator.
a) Find the capacity factor for the machine if it delivers 100 kWh in a 30-
day month.
b) Under the standard condition of 15∘
� temperature and 1 atm pressure,
how fast
would the wind have to blow for the turbine to generate half of its rate
power if the
machine is 30% efficient at that point?
c) If the tip-speed-ratio (TSR) is 6, find the gear ratio if the generator
needs to turn at
1110 rpm to deliver 0.25kW at the wind speed obtained in question (b).
d) Suppose the turbine is deployed in a new environment of 70∘
� and 1.5
atm. Repeat
(b) and (c).

Electronic Engineering homework help


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