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Identify Resources to be Used in the Literature Review
Professor’s notes: I want to clarify a few things, The proposal that you just turned in is not part of the final Graduate Capstone project (GCP).
Be ready to complete a lot of writing in the next couple of weeks
Your literature review should be between 15-20 pages
Now that you have an approved proposal, your next challenge is to identify the potential resources you will need to develop your capstone project.
Identification of valid and reliable resources will ensure you have enough material for a comprehensive literature review.
It is important that sources are both valid and reliable. Validity and reliability provide credibility to your work, setting the foundation for the analysis, recommendations, decision making, and problem-solving of your project.
Sources may come from any number of places, depending on the topic of your capstone.
Use the search engines (Google scholar) to locate research published in peer-reviewed journals.
Sources may also include past textbooks used in your studies.
Sources can also include reputable organizations such as the FAA, NTSB, NASA, OSHA, DOT, EPA, DHS, ALPA, NBAA, and many, many others.
These are just a few examples. Work with your instructor to ensure the sources you have identified are appropriate to your research. These sources will be submitted through the next activity.
Submit the Outline of Your Introduction, Literature Review, and Supporting Resources to Your Instructor for Feedback
Submit the outline of your introduction, your literature review, and your supporting resources. Your instructor will respond using the Document Viewer in the Grades area with comments and any necessary guidance.
Although formatting your sources is not critical at this point, if you are confident that the source will be used, take the time to format your reference according to APA standards. It will likely save you some time in the future.
In week 3, you’ll provide an outline of the Introduction and Literature Review sections as well as a Reference pages.  Be sure to use the proper templates to guide your formatting.  The assignment this week is just to show you are on track with a solid outline, so put as much effort into organizing it as you can.  It will be a good roadmap for you as you continue on.
The templates will be uploaded with this assignment


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