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Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help. This assignment covers cryptography, confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and access control.
Assume your work at the fashion house, Yves St. Laurent, where corporate espionage is a real and present threat.  Your boss has written you the following email.
I have to provide a presentation to Steven Johnson, the new CFO, and he wants a thorough explanation as to why we need a $15 million network security budget. I was told that Mr. Johnson “says” he knows something about network security, so we need to be thorough. I want you to put together a report that explains the following topics he wants to hear about and a couple of things I want explained also.
Personal profiles and access
DoS vulnerability relative to attack scope changes
DDoS attack vectors
Explain the CIA triad model and how it is being addressed(I doubt if he knows about this at all but lets cover all of our bases by explaining how we have designed our net security based upon it.)
I want to discuss these items and I need solid definitions for someone that is not technical, despite the rumors.
STRIDE threat models
What would the effects of a DoS or a DDoS attack have on our web server.
Talk about the NIST Data-Centric System Threat Model to show how we are also on point.
Now this write-up should be a nice little report for me to expound upon certain points so keep it simple enough for me to read on the plane in about an hour.  I also need some pictures and stuff in case he ask for the full report along with the powerpoint.  Let’s keep the presentation to about 30 minutes, so I’ll need about 25-30 slides.  Oh yea, don’t forget to limit the slides to about 10 lines only.  We don’t want to have another situation like what Heath did last time.
Compose an email to answer your boss.
A successful submission will:

  • Contain approximately 500-750 words, plus a bibliography
  • Be as formal(or informal) as you would take in a tone with an email to your boss
  • APA format citations and bibliography
  • Define cryptography, confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and access control and cite your sources.  You may use additional sources but you must convince me you have read those sources as well.
  • Be as specific as you can about the Yves St. Laurent Company. Address any performance metrics you can find and cite your sources.


Engineering homework help


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