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Topic: Humor/Laughter Therapy
Individual projects will be presentations about a topic associated with Alternative Healing modalities      from the a provided topic list. The      student is to select one form of Alternative healing (Humor therapy)  and experience it      himself or herself or interview an individual that has. A 3-5 page      professionally written essay, following APA 6th edition      guidelines, must be submitted prior to presentation. 
You can youtube it, research it or do a humor therapy exercise online and base the paper off of that.
· Information included should consist of:
· 1) Explanation and background of the therapy. Include scientific evidence to back your statements. Cite them appropriately.
· 2) Why therapy was chosen
· 3) Explain/discuss experience
· 4) Link experience to classroom learning and/or text.
·  Please provide a 3-5 page (content) written report in APA format for grading to the instructor via BB. Three sources should be cited on a reference page and in text citation.


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