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Global Paper Assignment
United States v.s India on Depression
A DALY or disability adjusted life years is a term used an indicator of health status global and public health. It is a summary of losses due to premature death and years lived within a population.
Global Burden of Disease Study: http://www.healthdata.org/sites/default/files/files/policy_report/2019/GBD_2017_Booklet.pdf
CIA Factbook
Choose one of the leading causes of DALY:  Depression
Find a low- middle income nation (India) which also experiences a similar increased morbidity and mortality from this condition and compare this to the United States.
Paper Component:
1. Explain the   pathophysiology/ etiology of the problem
2. Identify and explain the   risk factors for this problem
3. Determine who is most affected   and the incidence/prevalence for this condition in both countries
4. Choose three (3) social   determinants for health for each country and explain how these contribute to   the increased incidence/prevalence and subsequent poor outcomes from this   condition. They do not have to be the same for both countries After   presenting the 3 social determinants, provide a summary on any similarities/differences   and how different disparities/inequities in social determinants can lead to   the same poor health outcome. Think education, socioeconomics, culture,   gender, ethnicity, technology, access to care, safety, water and food   insecurities, political landscape but certainly not limited to these.
5. Identify three (3)   interventions (public health, private, NGO etc.) which are being used in each   country to control this chronic health problem and are these interventions   effective?
6. Pick one Sustainable   Development Goal and one Healthy People 2020 goal related to the problem and explain   the relevance of the goal to the problem
7. Using an upstream   thinking approach—pick one   determinant that if improved would markedly decrease the morbidity and   mortality of this health problem. Give a strong explanation with examples and   explain how the role of the nurse fits into this plan.
8. Explain how you will   bring the knowledge you learned from this project back to your bedside care
APA and Grammar. In text   citations are a must.
Paper should be 3-4 pages
9. Pick 3 social determinants of health and explain how these contribute to the increased incidence and prevalence and poor outcomes. They do not have to be the same for both countries:
Think (but not limited to)
Health Access
Technology Access
Water/Food Insecurities
Culture/ Religion/ Ethnicity/ Gender
Political Landscape


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