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English homework help

English homework help.

  1. Compare and contrast your experience participating in the three mind-body medicine practices (Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Tai Chi) we covered this semester. This does not need to be referenced but needs to display that you understand the physical and mental elements of each practice, the differences in execution, and the different intentions of each practice.
  2. Using evidence, discuss which of the three practices is most beneficial for our overall health (think broadly – all aspects of health here, which can be physical, mental, spiritual, etc.).
  • you are required to be precise and demonstrate your knowledge of the three practices for question 1 (using elements, examples, descriptions of poses, etc.) whereas question 2 requires evidence


  • Remember, evidence-based claims is of utmost importance – for DF 2, only the second questions must be evidence-based but your answer to the first question must clearly demonstrate an understanding of the material.


  • Around 500 words

English homework help


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