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English homework help

English homework help.

Topic: Morphology/Lexicon in Language Education and Professional Writing.
Thread: After reviewing the Textbooks (Book Attached) in your Reading and Study folder, select o1 of the following questions and provide an in depth multi-paragraph response.
Question 1. What has been your experience with prescriptive and descriptive educators? How did these chapters reflect on your history? How will it affect your future as educators and writers?
Question 2. How would you go about describing the difference between derivational and inflectional morphemes? How would you go about teaching students about derivational and inflectional morphemes so that they could quickly acquire them?
Question 3. The authors of The Grammar Book introduce a new term (Lexicogrammar) to describe the mixed relationship of vocabulary. Lexicon grammar includes concepts found in morphology, syntax, collocation, semantics, and prototypicality. “The information that learners of English must master regarding the lexicogrammar is extensive. It is not sufficient simply to know many lexical items and their general meanings. For each item, speakers must master a network of related information about its form, meaning, and use. ”

  1. Highlight what you believe the salient parts of this chapter are to you and explain why.
  2. Review the teaching suggestions at the end of the chapter and explain how these might be useful to you. Or, explain how you would use/teach the lexicon in view of the complexities described in this chapter.

Replies: Respond to at least 2 of your peers’ comments with a rich and relevant response.
I will post the Responses to be done after I have uploaded the main POST. however, I will make the payment for Both Upfront.
I will need the Response to be sent as soon as I post the 2 RESPONSE POSTS

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English homework help


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