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I get to make a living serving families at a fantastic time in their lives. There
isn’t a better job I could imagine. Birth and settling in with a new baby are
significant transitions in our human existence. I love working for myself. I decided
on this path because of my interest in infant mortality rates that I learned about,
especially amongst African American women. According to King, J.P., Gazmararian,
J.A. & Shapiro-Mendoza, C.K. (2014). “In 2002, US infants born at 34–36 weeks
gestation, often called “late preterm infants,” accounted for 74.4 % of all preterm
births and 7.7 % of all singleton births. Infants born late preterm have been found to
have an infant mortality rate three times that of term infants (7.9 vs. 2.4 per 1,000
live births), to account for nearly 10 % of all infant deaths, and to be at greater risk
for many neonatal complications than their term counterparts” (p.1). This is just one
example of why I am passionate about the work that I do because it helps save lives.
I like to know that my contribution help decreases recovery time in a mother who
has just delivered. Also, help reduce the use of an epidural, resulting in less medical
intervention for a pregnant mother.
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