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Each of the chapters you have examined this quarter has been structured in the following way:

  • The writers mapped out the way that media operated during the early years – particularly the 20th
  • They then examined the way that digital/interactive media has changed the way that media operates in society – what has changed, what has stayed the same?


Zero in on the second part of each chapter of Carah and Louw that you have completed thus far:

  • Introduction
  • Meaning representation and power
  • The industrial production of meaning
  • Making news

Using your notes from those assignments, briefly summarize what each chapter states about how  media and society have been modified by interactive media. Additionally what does each chapter say about how society under interactive media is different from society under non-interactive media.  Each chapter summary should be between 150 to 200 words
In a final section, evaluate Carah and Louw’s arguments about contemporary interactive media. Focus your evaluation along two lines:
1) Examine how Carah and Louw have constructed their argument. The introductory chapter of the textbook should help you with this – the section on how to read a journal article can also be used here. Carah and Louw tell you to focus on the claims, position in academic debate, methods, and implications (see page 9 location 401)
2) Use your own experience of social media. In your experience of social media, what do they get correct? what do they get wrong? what would need to be modified and in what ways?  The evaluative section should be between 250 to 300 words.
You must use the following format for the assignment to be accepted as completed:

  • Use the name of the chapter to head each chapter summary
    • Make sure that the name of the chapter is in bold
    • The last section should be headed Evaluative Conclusion (also in bold)
  • Double space your text.
  • Use 12point font – Times New Roman or Calibri
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