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  1. In this lesson, we are delving into the components of a healthcare system. Our U.S. healthcare system is one of the most complex and expensive in the world, and meaningful change is needed. Perhaps you will try to change our entire healthcare system, but most likely you will be involved in bringing about change in your part of our healthcare system and in making your part of the healthcare world a better place. In support of this, your textbook readings set the stage for why and how healthcare organizations need to change and the first steps in employing strategic intelligence to get result.
    Describe what you like best about our U.S. healthcare system, what you like least, what three things you would change, and how you see yourself contributing toward these changes.

At least 200 words

  1. In this unit, we are delving into effective leadership strategies commonly used by healthcare managers in the health services setting, including adaptation, transformation, communication, and conflict resolution. Select one or more of the points below and provide a personal example (does not have to be related to health care) you have seen of a leader who was effective with:
  • adaptation,
  • transformation,
  • communication,
  • conflict resolution, or
  • any other leadership principle.

At least 200 words
Maccoby, M., Norman, C., Norman, C. J., & Margolies, R. (2014). Transforming health care leadership: A systems guide to improve patient care, decrease costs, and improve population health. Jossey-Bass.


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