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Unit 8: Discussion

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Welcome to the unit discussion area for EN106. This area will fill up quickly with lively interchanges among you, your colleagues and your instructor. Check back often!
Important!  Most units, you are required to post your own responses before you can see your classmates’ responses. The reason for this is that your instructor and classmates are interested in your thoughts on the subject! Remember, most of the topics in discussion have to do with your analysis and interpretation, not an objective right/wrong answer. Your unit discussion responses are graded not only for accuracy but also for creativity and insight. See the Grading and Assessment page for more details.
Due Dates: Your initial (first) post is due no later than Thursday, 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST). Follow-up posts should be made Thursday and Sunday–please see the information below for how you should respond to classmate’s initial posts in this unit’s discussion.
For all references, use MLA formatting.

Discussion Topic

In your initial post to this discussion:

  • Identify the four sources you plan to use in your Exploratory Assignment this unit by creating an MLA works cited entry for each source.
  • Write 2-3 sentences describing how you plan to use each source in your Exploratory Assignment this week.
  • Finally, write a paragraph or so that revisits Greene and Lidinsky’s “habits of mind.” Explain how these habits of mind can help you succeed in your major coursework or in your intended career.

In your two (or more) follow-up posts, suggest at least one additional source for your classmates to use in this assignment. Then, offer any other perspective you have about how the content of this course might carry through into other courses or careers.
Finally: if you have any final questions, concerns, or farewells you would like to bid, you may register them here or share them by email. Thank you for your genuine efforts to make this an exceptional course and best wishes for continued success in your personal, professional and academic endeavors.


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