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Business Proposal Research (a home for elder people is the business proposal)
This week, we focus on your research proposal.  In an assignment of this size, you’ll probably need 5-7 sources.  Using lessons that you learned in the reading/video material this week, find at least three credible sources that you can use in composing your paper.  The sources should cover the following topics

  • Market research about your industry.  Your source(s) here should answer some of the following questions:  How big is the market in terms of customers or dollars?  What are typical price points for the products and services you plan to offer?
  • Specific research about who you anticipate will be your biggest competitor.  Your source(s) here should answer some of the following questions:  How much business do they do and at what price points?  What advantage do they hold in the industry?
  • Government written or compiled research concerning the following topics:  What regulations exist to protect businesses and/or consumers in this industry?  What are the government projections for the industry, skill sets, workers, or companies concerning this industry?

Initial response:

  • Using APA style citation, create bibliography entries for all three sources (don’t worry about the hanging indent).
  • In a sentence or two for each, explain why you chose each resource.
  • Describe any rhetorical fallacies you found within those sources (if you say you didn’t find any, I’ll be checking!)

Think back to a time when you went to a restaurant and received either a bad meal, bad service, or both.  If you have never had a bad experience at a restaurant, then feel free to make one up.  What would you do about it?  You could flame the restaurant on Yelp, but that doesn’t really do you any good, other than to release some frustration.
Assignment Requirements:
Write a complaint letter to the restaurant.  Your letter should have all of the stuff that a letter has (greeting, closing, etc.).  The letter itself should contain the the complaint and what you want the restaurant to do about it (The restaurant should xxx (what you want) because yyy (what happened) in the introductory paragraph.  The letter should also detail, in an organized fashion, all of the specifics of your experience in the following paragraphs.  At the end in the conclusion, you should reiterate what you want and why (sort of like a thesis, get it?), then close and sign your letter.
2) This is an argument, so your thesis statement must include the word should.  Your topic is the bad service you received.  Your position is that the restaurant should do something for you, such as give you a free meal, reimburse you, give you a gift certificate, or some other restitution for your experience.  An example thesis statement might be:
“Island Burger should send me to Hawaii because their service was poor, their food poisoned me, and I deserve a nice long vacation.”
3)  You will be graded on your organization (including thesis statement, transitions, and basic grammar) and your use of effective arguments (ethos, logos, pathos).
4)  I will pretend that I am the restaurant owner, and a portion of your grade will be determined on whether or not I would give you what you’re asking for.  If you ask for a Hawaiian vacation, you had better convince me to give it to you! 🙂


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