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Essay One: Discipline/Career Narrative
Write an essay about what drew you to your major and/or future career and what you hope to accomplish professionally. Think of this assignment as exploring your journey to study a specific subject and motivation for pursing your ideal career. While composing use these questions for guidance: What was your journey to decide on your major and/or future career? Was this decision easy or did it require significant searching? Was there a specific moment that sealed the deal or was the decision more drawn out? How have your interactions within the field solidified your decision? What do you gain from studying this subject? From pursuing your career? How did your personal experience shape your decision (life experiences, friends, family, teachers, employers, etc)?
As you approach the above task, I would like to remind you that the most engaging papers will not just explain your journey, but will offer something that the reader can learn, understand, or relate to. Think of your thesis as a major theme or moral to the story. The best papers will attempt to affect the person reading it. How might your paper change the thoughts, actions, or opinions of your reader? What can your reader learn from your experience? As you come up with your topic/thesis, keep those questions in mind.
Stipulations for Essay One:

  • Each essay MUST have a clear, identifiable THESIS STATEMENT.
  • The use of first person (i.e. “I,” “me,” “mine”) is both acceptable and expected in this essay. Use of the second person (“you,” “your,”) to describe people in general terms is discouraged.
  • In choosing your topic, try to focus on an experience unique to you. Furthermore, make sure you are comfortable sharing the personal details in this essay.
  • Detailed description is vital to this essay. Try to engage as many of the senses as possible. Also, if you include several individuals, be sure to describe them well. I don’t need their life story, but I’d like to at least know what they are like.
  • Each essay must be at least 1500-2000 words and in the format of your major (APA, CHI, MLA). Any paper not meeting the word count will lose significant points.
  • Each essay must have a creative title.



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