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English homework help

English homework help. Below I have written the answer but I need someone to please help me write it in APA format. Running head “Kenny’s leadership: A further analysis”
1. Kenny is straightforward with the one he supervises. He is open to telling them what he feels and the important guiding points. He welcomes the complaints and gripes making the supervisors feel that they can express anything they want within the team. His team effectively speaks and communicated the information he wants. His team can feel at ease with him and he does not micromanage them. He lets them know that he is available if anything goes wrong. He also assures the employees that they would never get involved in anything that is not good for the growth of the company or to their career.
2. I on’t think all supervisors can operate in the similar fashion and can be effective. The success of Kenny is linked to the personality of Kenny and work ethic. All the supervisors cannot treat the team the way Kenny treats them. There are lot of bosses who do not have the same attitude like Kenny who has respect and hardworking for the employees. Most of the supervisors have a sense of dominating behavior. The mindset ends up separating the employees and the supervisors. The attitude and approach of Kenny required 100 percent commitment.
3. There is no promotion of best supervisor in the team but there cab be more done by the supervisor if he teaches the supervisors in his current position to adopt his approach. If he helped to mirror his approach and let other supervisors adopt his style then it will encourage the team to perform better. He can promote his approach in a better way.
4. Kenny is a servant leader and he effectively listens to the things people have to tell to him. The complaints and gripes are addressed in an effective manner. There is persuasion done by him for doing the job that are necessary and better results are done which explains the use of foresight and experience. He feels that it is necessary for the team to have a bigger picture for its success. There is commitment given to the growth of the individual and the team.

English homework help


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